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Vine Ministries : About Us

About Us

Vine Ministries is a not-for-profit Christian website setup by Chris Hodge in November 2001.

Its aim is to encourage and support Christian mission and ministry groups by the use of an internet site to advertise their outreach into the community.

Shortly after being setup in late 2001 The Vine Ministries undertook two projects over the summer period. The projects involved a Christian Coffee Shop program run by Youth Dimension and a Sports Team website for Victorian Baptist Basketball. These 2 projects were successfully completed in a very short time frame. Since then the website has expanded to include various websites for individual persons as well as ministry tour groups. 

The continuing work of Vine Ministries relies on the support of people who contribute to the site. Donations are sought by those who wish to contribute to the costs of maintaining this site.

Mission and ministry groups are able to display their information from the start to the end of a specific mission program. This may involve the displaying of all their information in regards to their mission and donations of support for that group can be made through Vine Ministries. People viewing the site will be kept up to date with the groups progress by information that is displayed on this website.


Chris Hodge
CJH Enterprises